Gram Swarajya Samiti Ghoshi (GSSG)

Action & Reflection of efforts towards emancipation of women


Family counseling Centre Program

With the support of Central Social Welfare Board New Delhi, GSSG has incepted Family Counseling Centre so that women and family may get comprehensive solution at their socio psychological problems and relief against disturbances / mal adjustment for them. About 500 victimized women get counseling and legal aid through this centre so far. Our organization has conducted women awareness programs on International Women’s day – 8th March every year to create understanding about the entitlement of women, laws related to women, prevention of female feticide abuse etc. We exhibited solidarity with empathizer pressurizing Government for instant justice to Nirbhaya by organizing protest march.

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Honorable D.M. & S.P. of Jehanabad participating in the Police training

A rescued minor girl getting assisted at GSSG “I can’t forget the moment”


Prevention of Trafficking in women & children

In the present scenario trade of women & children are becoming a big threat of the society. Unfortunately the much required humane value had been deteriorated till such an extent that women & child are frequently sold even cheaper than a goat. Our organization is partner of strong network ATSEC, India working for combating of trafficking abuse.

From last several years we are engaged in activities that target prevention of trafficking in women and children. We had also been assisted by UNDP-TAHA for this program. We established a Help Line operational with toll free No. 18001801000 for supporting the trafficked & HIV/AIDS victims at state capital Patna. The helpline was operational for two years. Preventive activities like inter religious forum, mass mobilization, and dialogue with communities, media & PRIs had been conducted under this programme. We organized orientation program among different stake holders like PRI members, religious leaders, transporters, investigating police officers, prosecutors & PTC trained constable cum Thana Munsi & prosecutors on rescue and rehabilitation related laws like on immoral trafficking prevention ACT 1956 as well.  83 persons were sensitized on this issue. Senior officers of district administration like District Magistrate (DM), superintendent of police (SP), Deputy Superintendent of police (DSP), Deputy Development commissioner (DDC), and District Welfare officer (DWO) also contributed their valuable time in such training program. We are grateful to UNODC, New Delhi for financial and technical guidance for perusing our anti trafficking measures. We also organized follow up training programs for police officials with the support of Save the Children.

We also worked for rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked girls/women. We successfully integrated many of them in their respective families. 23 unfortunate trafficked girls were rescued and rehabilitated. We are active partner of ATSEC (Network of civil society organization) against trafficking. Furthermore we organized HIV- test camps for the vulnerable group.

We did not limit our effort to destination point only but also arranged meeting in communities from which Girls are trafficked and transported. We organized several meetings with different stakeholders and community to sensitize on the issue of trafficking in Sitamarhi district (origin & transit & destination point) around Bhitha More. Bhitha More in Sitamarhi   is adjacent to Nepal boarder being a vulnerable point for cross boarder trafficking., our activities like meeting with PRIs, Media, CBOs, communities  was taken up around Bhiitha More of Sitamadhi district looking at the its vulnerability for the said issue. Also we have had several meetings with administration on issue on checking/reducing the degree of cross boarder trafficking.


Short stay home for Victimized Women

Cases of household violence against women is common in Bihar. Apart from this menace of trafficking in women or girls are also common in Bihar. Bihar serves as Origin, transit and destination for trafficked girls.  State has responsibility to assist such victims. We run Short stay home in Jehanabad to assist such unfortunate women and girl. Women Development Corporation, Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bihar assisted us for successful conduct of such home in Jehanabad district.35 women and 12 children have been rehabilitated through this home.

Self Help Group

Women from Socio Economic Backward families become important stakeholder in livelihood earning of their respective family. GSSG organized several SHGs which had been linked to SJSRY program & Scheme of State led Women Development Corporation (Mukhaya Mantri Nari Shakti Yojna) .Govt. organization as mentioned supported capacity building of these groups. They are not only working for economic empowerment of their members but also participating in community development activities and also raising voices of concern women. Further we also have formed SHGs in saturated mode with the help of Women development Corporation under in Modan ganj Block of Jehanabad District. 60 groups were linked with the bank out of total 105 groups formed.Under the aegis world vision urban slums women and girls were also given training how to make their life self sustained and improve the quality of life.The impact of our intervention was such that many of the women took part in Panchyat election and won.

Domestic Violence:GSSG

Implementing ambitious project in patna slum to improve condition of slum women and girls  living in slum area. Here it is noteworthy that abuses like drugs and alcohol is common in slum clusters.Women are worst victim of violenece due to use of alcohol and drugs.The women are also not aware of these rights against violence they don’t know the platform which may assist them in difficult circumstances.. we conduct several training for the women of slum dwellers in difference aspect of violence, prevention, legal action ,support environment and institutions etc.

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