Gram Swarajya Samiti Ghoshi (GSSG)

Aims and Objectives

I. To enhance the Skills and capacity of vulnerable communities for their sustainable livelihood promotion, poverty alleviation and creation of employment.
II. To ensure the women’s empowerment through organizing women in SHGs so that they can promote self-help and benefits from microfinance programs as well as through imparting vocational skills.
III. To promote literacy and education for the drop-out and out of school children for graduating them in Govt. Schools and to ensure the protection of child rights.
IV. To improve the health, nutrition and sanitation behavior of vulnerable Communities to reduce their disease burden and expenditure through Reproductive & Child Health (RCH) management, Vaccination and WASH initiatives, other healthcare needs.
V. To develop the knowledge, behavior and skills of the communities through different training and capacity building exercises on different thematic subjects related to community development.
VI. To establish coordination and convergence with different national, international, corporate, Govt. Departments and others for augmenting the benefits to the communities.
VII. To raise the quality of life of people through healthcare, education, skills development, livelihood promotion, microfinance and environment upgradation.
VIII. To strengthen the PRIs/ULBs and address the issues of local self-governance for making them transparent, accountable and ensuring the democratic functioning at grassroot level.

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